YouTube: Five Years, Five Top High-Tech Videos


Our methodology was decidedly less scientific than YouTube’s Science & Technology category, which we breezed through to select the most-viewed, mostly tech-related videos of all-time, tossing out stuff like “Ghost Footage” and “Sea Monsters 5 - Chasing Megalodon.”

1. A Closer Look At The iPhone

VIEWS: 11,925,072

CBS gets Apple’s Phil Schiller to demonstrate all the cool features on the then-unreleased back in January 2007. The first iPhones hit the market in June of that year.

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2. Google Wave Developer Preview

VIEWS: 9,109,587

We have no idea why more than nine million people watched this thoroughly unremarkable, hour-plus-long parade of Wave developers from Google I/0 2009. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg watched it nine million times by himself to try to figure out how Google plans to destroy Facebook. At any rate, the next most-watched video on this list is actually another ho-hum Google production, this one around Google Buzz. But we’re throwing it out of our list because we can.

3. Usenet Download World Record with UseNeXT

VIEWS: 5,584,437

Screenshots of some guy downloading and uncompressing Ubuntu to the strains of generic techno -- does it get any cooler? Five million of you said, “No.”

4. iggy investigates an ipad

VIEWS: 5,229,257

A cute cat meets an Apple iPad – how could this video not receive several million views? Poster rautiocination informs us that 6-year-old Iggy “has always been exceedingly curious and technologically inclined.” Awwww ...

5. Apple's ‘1984’ Macintosh Commercial

VIEWS: 5,183,754

We like this classic Apple ad even better than the iPad cat, and a whole lot better than that Google developer snoozer.

BONUS: Google Chrome Speed Tests

VIEWS: 1,889,752

We were mean to Google earlier, so let’s make up for it. According to poster googlechrome, this series of bizarre speed tests pitting the Google Chrome Web browser against lightning and a potato were “filmed at actual Web page rendering times.”