HP Offers Services For Migrating SAP Apps To HP Platforms

HP’s new Migration in a Box service includes the hardware, software, and services required to help customers migrate their SAP environment from Oracle Sun SPARC servers to an HP infrastructure, said Michael McNerney, drector of server planning and marketing for business critical systems at HP, Palo Alto, Calif.

For HP’s solution provider partners, it is both a migration service they can sell and an opportunity to move into the ERP implementation business, McNerney said.

“HP has thousands of trained and certified ERP consultants,” he said. “Channel partners can go in and talk to a customer about ERP, but they don’t need to have the certified SAP competency on their own bench. They can leverage HP’s ERP competency.”

Migration in a Box is a fixed-price offering, the price of which depends on the customer’s environment, McNerney said. By fixed price, he meant that all the HP expertise required to do the job is included regardless of how long the job takes.

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“It’s not a question of sending someone over on a time-based cost,” he said. “This takes away customer risk related to the migration.”

McNerney said that, despite the tendency of customers to stay on an existing technology platform, there are two reasons for customers to consider migrating their SAP deployments to HP’s technology.

The first is HP’s converged infrastructure, which now includes a full range of blade servers from x86 models to mission-critical Integrity and Super Dome models. “We now offer a common modular infrastructure to the data center with common management to drive efficiencies,” he said.

The second is the ability to consolidate a variety of operating environments, including Unix, onto HP’s blade server platform, he said. “We help get rid of islands in customers’ data centers,” he said.

HP Migration in a Box services are currently available.