Twitter Says It's Recovered From Latest Outage

The outage is the latest of a series of problems that have plagued Twitter going back to June 5.

Monday Twitter began experiencing problems after 8:00 PDT and continued for several hours. The problem resulted from “the failed enhancement of a new approach to timeline caching,” according to a posting on Twitter’s status page. Later postings warned that users “may temporarily experience missing tweets from their timelines,” and, later, that Twitter was “recovering from the site outage.”

A posting at 4:11 a.m. PDT said the site had fully recovered. and its platform for third-party applications were down several times last week. A detailed June 11 posting on Twitter’s engineering site blamed “several incidences of poor site performance and a high number of errors due to one of our internal sub-networks being over-capacity.”

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The posting provided details about the causes of the disruptions and what the company was doing to fix them, including doubling the capacity of its internal network, improving network monitoring, and “rebalancing traffic” on the internal network to redistribute the load.