Partners See Breakthough With Novell Cloud Manager

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Novell is turning its technology guns on the cloud as part of an all-out offensive that includes the release of what partners are calling a breakthrough product for building and managing private clouds.

Novell Cloud Manager, which is currently being beta tested by 10 early adopters and is slated to be released in the fourth quarter, provides on-demand private cloud provisioning, leveraging all the major virtualization offerings including VMware's market leading offering, Microsoft's Hyper-V and open-source virtualization products Xen and KVM.

The Novell Cloud Manager is part of a no-holds barred shift by Novell to turn its impressive technology arsenal on what it is calling the emerging intelligent workload management (IWM) market. It's a market that could prove explosive given the challenges companies of all sizes face moving between private and public clouds and virtual infrastructure.

Michael Meyer, principal architect for Paragon Development Systems, an Oconomowoc, Wis. solution provider that was named both a Novell and Cisco partner of the year in 2010, calls Novell Cloud Manager a "breakthrough" that will make it dramatically easier to quickly provision private clouds.

"The product does 80-90 percent of the work that would have to be done to manually provision a private cloud," says Meyer, who is beta testing the new Novell software. "I have not seen another product that does this. This is Novell taking a few of their technologies and combining them into a solid product."

Paragon intends to not only sell Novell Cloud Manager to customers interested in provisioning their own private clouds, but also to use it to "cater to the needs of customers whose data centers are maxed out and need to source their workloads to outside providers like us," said Meyer.

He calls the Novell Cloud Manager product the next wave in cloud computing. "We have been positioning our ourselves and our customers to take advantage of the cloud," he said. "Products like Novell Cloud Manager are going to allow us to take that next step."

Novell Cloud Manager takes some of the technology Novell received when it acquired PlateSpin two years ago for $205 million and beefs it up with some new Web 2.0 technology on the front end, said Meyer.

Novell Cloud Manager is just one of many offerings that Novell has put together under the IWM umbrella. Novell also plans to release in the fourth quarter ZenWorks Configuration Manager 11, which has location awareness technology that could prevent unauthorized access to public clouds.


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