CloudSwitch Puts Data Center Apps In The Cloud

CloudSwitch officially took the wraps off the enterprise edition of its software that serves as a bridge between the enterprise data center and cloud computing services, giving enterprises the ability to swap applications from the data center to the cloud with little fuss.

Along with the general availability of the CloudSwitch Enterprise version, CloudSwitch also added support for the VMware VCloud API and added an offering for Terremark clouds for developers and IT pros.

CloudSwitch CEO John McEleney said CloudSwitch lets existing applications be moved into the cloud with point-and-click ease and no modifications, meaning applications ported into the cloud can still be managed and integrated with the same management tools and policies as if they still reside in the data center. Full encryption ensures data is secure and a Layer-2 bridge means APIs and other server characteristics stay the same.

"It looks and feels like it's part of your data center," McEleney said. "You can take the entire application and move it to the cloud."

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The addition of Terremark vCloud Express and Enterprise Cloud support means users can now use CloudSwitch to move applications from their data centers into Terremark's cloud. "A lot of companies are still figuring out cloud architecture," said CloudSwitch co-founder and vice president Ellen Rubin, adding that CloudSwitch lets companies explore the cloud without being locked into a specific platform and without having to make dramatic changes to their applications and architecture.

In addition to CloudSwitch Enterprise being generally available for download, CloudSwitch also offers the free Explorer version for developers and IT pros who want to explore the cloud with no risk. The two products are built on CloudSwitch's Cloud Isolation Technology that secures data and communications end-to-end and map applications into the target cloud. When the CloudSwitch software appliance has been deployed, users can select Windows and Linux apps and run them in the cloud.

CloudSwitch is taking its Enterprise edition to market through a growing channel ecosystem. The Burlington, Mass.-based company just revealed strategic partnerships with cloud providers LTech and Capgemini. The LTech partnership will give customers guidance in determining which applications to move from the data center to Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

McEleney said more partnerships will follow as CloudSwitch broadens its channel to include systems integrators and consultants.

"The cloud is a huge platform and new opportunities happen around new platform shifts," he said.