YouTube Says 'Leanback' And Enjoy Videos


YouTube on Wednesday unveiled Leanback as a way to make it easier for users to gain access to video streams automatically tailored to their individual preferences and those of their friends.

The end result is an on-line video experience which is even more passive than watching TV.

In a YouTube blog post about the new technology, the company said that Leanback builds a video feed consisting of video clips corresponding to a user's YouTube settings and preferences, as well as content from the user's subscriptions.

Users can also tie Leanback to their Facebook account to build feeds based on videos being shared by their friends.

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When configured, Leanback provides a video feed that starts automatically when a user goes to the YouTube Website. The videos, which play in a screen which fills the user's entire browser window, continue to stream unless stopped by the user, who can also click past unwanted videos via a mouse or the arrow keys on a keyboard.

"YouTube Leanback wants you to conserve your energy for actually watching more videos," the company wrote in the blog post.