5 Hot Features Of Google's Image Search Makeover


The new Google image search results page have received several comparisons to Microsoft Bing, due to some similar functionality. But Google has made the technology its own.

Here are five new features to look for in Google's new image search format.

1. More results per page. The days of clicking through pages upon pages of images of all sizes to find just what you were looking for are over. The new Google image search delivers 1,000 images per page and let users scroll through them without having to click through endless pages of results.

2. You can hover over an image and preview it. Google image search results can now be previewed in a slightly larger size simply by hovering the mouse icon over an image on the results page. That means less clicking and a faster route to the image you're seeking. That feature is automatic.

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3. Images are delivered in context. Clicking on an image and seeing just the photo or graphic on a plain white background is a thing of the past. Clicking on an image in the new Google image search takes a user to a landing page that displays the image in context along with the website where the images are hosted. Users can still see an image in full size by clicking on the right-hand side.

4. Fewer words and links. By boosting the density of its Google image search results page, Google has eliminated the links and descriptions that once appeared under each image result. The Google image search results page is no longer cluttered with text. That information is still available when a user previews the image, but not having it presented along with the search results streamlines the page making it easier to scan the images themselves.

5. Users can still filter images. When image results are presented, users can still filter them by size, color and type using a series of links in the left-hand column, giving users the same control they had previously, but with the new Google image search format.