GoGrid Continues Open-Source Cloud Push With Partner Program

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At the center of the program is GoGrid Exchange, the San Francisco-based cloud provider's cloud solutions marketplace. Through the new program, open-source partners and businesses can package on-demand versions of software to boost cloud computing deployments and the usage of open source software.

GoGrid's OSS Partner Program is another signal that the open-source community is embracing cloud computing.

Last month, Rackspace and a host of partners formed the OpenStack initiative, an open-source cloud computing community through which Rackspace opened up its cloud computing code. OpenStack is seen as a game-changer in the cloud computing market, flipping the script on proprietary cloud offerings with a viable open source alternative.

GoGrid said that the GoGrid Exchange program lets partners share or sell a customized server image, which is available to the GoGrid community as a Partner GoGrid Server Image. The image includes the partner's branding and technical information and GoGrid users can search by solution type -- internet security, backup, monitoring, web apps, compliance and application scaling -- and instantly provision the server image.

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Open-source companies can now offer their SaaS and PaaS solutions and receive benefits like detailed user data; high visibility; co-marketing support; access to GoGrid's customer base; and access to customer information. Additionally, there are no signup fees or no long-term commitment.

GoGrid Co-Founder and CEO John Keagy said the community will ease the move to the cloud by helping users provision their IT infrastructures; scale infrastructure with custom cloud server images, load balancing and cloud storage; and launch open source cloud solutions in with one mouse click from a single location.

"Many of our customers want to embrace open-source technology," Keagy said in a statement. "GoGrid provides both the open-source software community and our customers with a fully integrated one-stop shop to build a complete cloud."

To help open-source partners deliver their solutions and to develop their approaches, GoGrid has signed on with Olliance Group.

"All too frequently, SMBs and enterprises deploy expensive commercial software, not realizing that significant cost savings and flexibility can be realized through the use of industry-hardened open-source solutions." said Greg Olson, senior partner at the Olliance Group. "Packaged open-source solutions coupled with near-instant deployment from the GoGrid Exchange will allow many more companies to realize the benefits of open source software."

Early GoGrid partners include BitNami, a provider of multiple open source application stacks; SourceFire/Snort, open-source intrusion detection; and OpenVPN, open-source security software.