Google Noodles With Doodles Before Search Event

Google cursor

And Wednesday, it's equally enamored with the grayed-out Google logo that regains its standard blue, red, yellow and green colors as a user types a search query in the search box.

So what's Google up to?

The two eye-popping interactive and animated doodles point to Google possibly unveiling new interactive search capabilities at a search event slated for Wednesday at San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art.

A Google Twitter post Wednesday morning read only: "Our doodle is dressing up in its brightest colors for something very exciting coming soon."

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And Tuesday, regarding the colored bouncing balls, Google tweeted: "Boisterous doodle today. Maybe it's excited about the week ahead."

Off Twitter, Google is being a bit more coy, only noting in a statement that Tuesday's doodle was "fast, fun and interactive, just the way we think search should be."

Adding to the mystery is the lack of information about what Google's two most recent logos represent. In the past, clicking on the logo would reveal search results for what Google was celebrating: a key date or figure from history, a new development, a holiday. Clicking on the bouncing balls and the gray "Google" revealed nothing.

There is speculation that Google is prepping new capabilities such as realtime search, which would display results as a user types -- a possible explanation for the gray and empty Google Doodle that reveals the normal colors as a user types.

Another rumor is that Google will reveal a new design that serves up more search results per page, possibly 20 or 30 compared to the typical 10.

Third, some Google watchers expect Google to add more animation and more robust graphics, courtesy of HTML5, to its search pages and results.