Google Calls Oracle's Java Patents Invalid, Seeks Dismissal Of Lawsuit

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Google denies that its Android mobile operating system violates Java patents and copyrights now held by Oracle and in a court filing calls for an Oracle lawsuit against Google to be dismissed and the patents to be declared invalid.

Google also said that by suing Google as it did back in August, Oracle has turned against the kind of open-source policies it used to support.

Oracle sued Google Aug. 12 charging that Google's use of Java in Android violated seven patents as well as copyrighted material Oracle acquired when it bought Sun Microsystems in January for $7.3 billion.

In a response filed late Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, Google denied Oracle's infringement claims and asked the judge overseeing the case to declare the patents invalid and unenforceable.

Sun released parts of the Java platform as open-source technology prior to the Oracle acquisition and the legal dispute between Oracle and Google seems to revolve around the legal status of the Java virtual machine and Google's JVM implementation.


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