PivotLink Adds To Its SaaS Business Intelligence App Lineup

PivotLink is expanding its ReadiMetrix on-demand business intelligence system with new retail and online marketing analysis applications.

The new modules add to the sales, marketing and human capital management analysis applications PivotLink launched in March under the ReadiMetrix brand. The ReadiMetrix software is built on the company's PivotLink BI platform.

PivotLink is one of a number of relatively new companies that offer Software-as-a-Service business intelligence applications. The value proposition, company executives argue, is that such "self-service" applications are easier for a broader range of managers and employees to use, both within an organization and outside business partners and suppliers.

Many on-premise business intelligence tools can be difficult to work with and are more frequently used by business analysts rather than general information workers.

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"Instead of focusing on how or where data is stored, ReadiMetrix empowers business users to start with what they want to measure, by asking a simple question, identifying a business indicator and embarking on a process of collaborative discovery with other stakeholders," said Rosanne Saccone, PivotLink chief marketing officer, in a statement.

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PivotLink worked with its retail customers to develop the ReadiMetrix for Retail software, incorporating more than "best practices" from more than 40 of them. The application has 62 key performance indicators, 15 reports and five dashboards.

The software helps retailers determine the profitability of specific stores and products, according to PivotLink, and analyze business operation elements such as inventory, labor, shelf-space optimization, loss prevention and pricing. The analytics can be extended to a company's channels, manufacturers and suppliers, and help cross-channel retailers manage both online and "brick-and-mortar" retail operations.

The ReadiMetrix for Online Marketing software, developed with partner Cervello Inc., synthesizes data across multiple marketing systems and gives businesses better insight into their online marketing operations. It incorporates 33 key performance indicators, 21 reports and 10 dashboards.

The online marketing application helps businesses analyze advertising performance, identifies potential customers and tracks top performing online affiliates and referrals, according to PivotLink.