Adobe Expands Online Marketing Software Offerings With Demdex Acquisition

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Adobe will add the Demdex technology to its Adobe Online Marketing Suite to improve the system's "audience optimization" capabilities, the company said late Tuesday.

The Adobe Online Marketing Suite is used by advertisers and publishers to manage online marketing activities including visitor acquisition, and conversion and sales channel analysis. The suite is based on the Omniture Web site analysis platform, which Adobe acquired in October 2009 for $1.8 billion.

The addition of Demdex will help businesses optimize their use of the Online Marketing Suite to buy and sell online advertising, said Brad Rencher, vice president and general manager of Adobe's Omniture business unit, in a statement.

Adobe cited an IDC report that put the global online advertising market at $109 billion in 2013. The Demdex technology is specifically used to collect, compile and manage anonymous audience data that businesses use to make online advertising decisions.

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"With the addition of Demdex, the Adobe Online Marketing Suite will enable advertisers to be smarter with their advertising spend and publishers to leverage their audience data to generate more revenue," Rencher said. "With audience optimization, Adobe is literally changing how online ads are bought and sold."