Leaked Pre-Beta Screen Shots Show Windows 8 With Ribbon Interface

toolbar interface

The move, along with synchronizing the look and feel of Windows and Microsoft's desktop applications, would also better position Windows for use on tablet devices with their touch-screen interfaces.

Microsoft hasn't disclosed a timetable for releasing the next generation of the desktop Windows operating system – the current Windows 7 became available in October 2009 – but there have been reports Microsoft is shooting for a release date in 2012. That schedule would mean partners and customers are in for a string of Windows 8 beta releases later this year and into next year.

Word of the leaked screen shots appeared on the WithinWindows Web site over the weekend. The screen shots also show a login screen similar to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft introduced the ribbon in its Office 2007 applications and continued with it in the Office 2010 release.

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Microsoft has said that Windows 8 will run on tablet devices and plans to support the ARM system-on-a-chip microprocessor architecture, in addition to x86 microprocessors.