Microsoft Drops Build Event Pre-Conference Sessions

The online agenda now simply lists "registration" for Monday, Sept. 12, with the conference getting underway with the keynote speeches scheduled for 9 a.m., PST, on Tuesday, Sept. 13. But the agenda, which carries the warning "subject to change without notice," still offers few details about the scheduled speakers and sessions.

Microsoft is promising to provide attendees with more details about Windows 8, which is currently in early development. The conference is sold out. Microsoft plans to stream the keynotes online and provide the session content after its presented at the conference.

Microsoft apparently canceled the pre-conference sessions in order to save content for the main sessions. "In order to better focus on all the new content that will be covered at Build, we decided to optimize for the four main days of the event, which will include an enormous number of speakers and sessions," the spokesperson said in an e-mail.

Microsoft also said it is communicating the schedule change so that attendees who planned to attend the Monday sessions could alter their travel arrangements. It's not clear how many people had made flight and hotel arrangements in order to attend Monday.

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