Cover Story: The Mobile Technology Revolution

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Mobility and the cloud are like chocolate and peanut butter: two great tastes that go great together. The cloud enables access to data from any device from any location; mobility provides those devices and clients to make that connection happen.

“We’re starting to see huge demand in the mobile cloud space,” said Mihir Panchal, senior product manager at cloud solution provider Model Metrics. Chicago-based Model Metrics focuses on services around, Amazon Web Services, Adobe and Google and has seen the smartphone and tablet revolution light a fire under its ability to offer mobile solutions in the cloud.

Panchal said the ability to access data from any back end from any device, and offering services around that capability, is beefing up Model Metrics’ bottom line. About 20 percent of Model Metrics’ business came through mobility, a number he expects to balloon to between 30 percent and 40 percent in 2011.

Panchal said Model Metrics a few years ago started creating solutions that enable cloud apps and services to be accessed via smartphones. That, coupled with the increase of bandwidth and mobile infrastructure, made access to data ubiquitous and affordable.

For Thomas Paquet, senior consultant with G-Apps Masters, a Las Vegas-based cloud solution provider, marrying mobility and the cloud was a natural evolution. With Google Apps, the ability to work in an application on one device and access that updated content from another almost instantly is a strong proposition for clients. “The synchronization of mobile devices is key and critical,” he said.

Paquet said the maturation of smartphones created the tipping point toward mobile and cloud convergence. Now, he said, all of G-Apps Masters’ customers are planning for cloud-mobile device syncing. “You no longer need a laptop to conduct business not only on the creative side, but on the consumption side,” he said.

Shaking up the market further, at press time Google revealed plans to acquire Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion. Go to Google Partners: Motorola Acquisition A Gateway to Mobility for more details.

—Andrew R. Hickey

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