Microsoft Reveals Its Windows 8 Hand: Four Of A Kind

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Comments on the Windows blog about Microsoft's plans were mixed. Some praised the relatively few numbers of editions.

"This is great- it's [operating] off a previous strategy that worked for Windows XP with two versions (ignoring the tablet specialized version) and it'll avoid fragmentation. If metro is polished well, this'll be a huge release and a step in the more mobile, connected direction," wrote Joel Braun.

"I love the new naming conventions and new strategy with Windows. Having 2 versions is a great step in the right direction Microsoft. I don't really like Metro in Windows 8, but I'm still excited that you've changed it from Home Basic, Premium, Pro, Ultimate," said cjschris.

"I'm just thrilled to death to know that you've finally ended the complete NONSENSE of Home/Basic/Premium/Ultimate/Professional/Enterprise/Blah/Yakety/Schmackety/etc. Thank you, thank you, thank you!," said GoodThings2L.

But a number of commenters weren't thrilled with the Windows RT name.

"Windows RT should be renamed 'Windows 8 for Tablets' or something similar. Windows RT is not consumer friendly. Non-tech savvy consumers will be confused by this," wrote mnl1121.

"Windows 8 RT? I can imagine walking into Best Buy or other places, here are the Android tablets, here is the iPad and here are the Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT devices....HUH? Whats the difference John Q Public will say...," said a post from Darrenwbaker.

Others zeroed in on the features in each edition.

"What, no Windows Media Player on Windows RT?? Having a desktop media player is not important?? Deal breaker," wrote xpclient.

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