Two Thumbs Up: Office 2013 Enhanced For Tablets, Thumb Control

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Microsoft has worked hard to bring multiple data sources together seamlessly in outlook 2013. For example, when viewing an email that contains an address, it plots the location on a Bing map. If the sender is someone in your organization, their presence info is visible, and a new peek feature lets you see further details about the person.

Drilling further might show that person's department, rank within the organization or your recent email or instant messaging exchanges. If they're requesting a meeting, Outlook 2013 lets you peek at the relevant date on your calendar without opening the calendar app.

Outlook 2013 can now be the destination not only for messages and appointments from Exchange but also from POP and IMAP mail systems and third-party calendars. It also can display updates from contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social sites. Best of all, Outlook 2013 can install beside a current version of Outlook to facilitate pilot testing and phased implementations without affecting user productivity.

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