Boundary Software Tracks Application Performance In Real Time

The San Francisco-based company also said it is making available a free version of its software-as-a-service application performance monitoring product to attract potential customers.

Boundary, which collected $15 million in venture capital funds last month, launched its application and network monitoring system in April. The company currently has 50 customers who are using the system to collect and analyze more than 55 billion records per day. "We're processing all of this in real time," President and CEO Gary Read said.

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The software monitors every data packet that flows to and from every server instance in cloud, data center and hybrid environments. Read said that gives the Boundary system its real-time capabilities. Other application monitoring products rely on older configuration management database technology that uses periodic sampling or "polling" methods to collect application data, he said.

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The new release is also integrated with Amazon's EC2 and Rackspace Cloud and has universal RSS integration for tracking alerts from log management systems such as New Relic, Splunk and Papertrail. The release also offers a larger data store, allowing users to store more historical data used in the monitoring process.

The free version is the same as the for-fee version, Read said, only with a 2-gigabyte, per-day limit on the amount of data that can be collected and processed. In addition to exposing Boundary to more potential customers, Read said, having more users will help the company collect more data for the product's application performance baseline.

Boundary also struck a deal with Engine Yard, a platform-as-a-service company, through which Engine Yard customers will have access to the Boundary system.