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  • Adobe: No Linux Flash Player Till 2007
    Impatient Linux users will have to wait till the end of the year for even a preview release of Adobe's Flash Player 9. The company's lead Flash for Linux engineer reported this week that Adobe won't release any alpha versions of its Flash port, holding out instead for a full-featured beta scheduled for release sometime late this year.
  • Snapshot of an outstanding technology implementation

    Relieving The Burden of IT
    Snapshot of an outstanding technology implementation
  • Linux Goes Mainstream
    He'll be the first to admit it: Troy Webb has struggled trying to do business with channel newbie and Linux stalwart Red Hat.
  • Linspire Makes Linux Download Service Free
    Linspire, the innovative Linux house founded by Internet entrepreneur Michael Robertson, has jettisoned the $20 annual subscription fee it was charging for its basic Click 'N Run open-source software download service. Users can now download any of the 20,000 titles offered by the service free of charge.
  • Google Apps For Your Domain could end up being karmic payback for Microsoft.

    Googling Microsoft
    Google isn't sayingyetthat it's going to add the Writely word processor and Google spreadsheet to its upcoming business productivity bundle. But it doesn't take a genius to know that's what they'll do. And then Microsoft better watch out.
  • Company changes course after years of selling products direct

    SAS Institute Shakes Up BI Space With Reseller Effort
    After decades of spurning the channel in favor of direct sales, SAS Institute is launching its first reseller program, giving participants access to parts of a product line regarded as a gold standard in the analytics market.
  • Fee-based version of mail, scheduling, page creation wares to debut by year's end.

    Google Tests Services Suite For Businesses
    Google is making a collection of toolse-mail, instant messaging, and web page creation tools--to businesses. Google Apps For Your Domain to take on Microsoft's proposed services bundle.
  • Two Lenovo ThinkPads To Support Novell SLED 10
    Lenovo will offer two new high-end models of its ThinkPad notebooks that will provide support for Novell's new SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, but the vendor is stopping short of preloading the operating system.
  • Review: Diamond's Graphics Upgrade
    Diamond Multimedia is looking to help system builders double their monitor sales with the BizView BV200 Multi-View graphics adaptor. The BV200 is an ATI-powered graphics card designed to drive dual monitors. The card plugs into a PCI card slot and comes with a Dual DVI-Out cable.
  • State CIO says progress has been made on access to the disabled, rollout to start January 1, 2007.

    Massachusetts Forges Ahead With ODF Implementations
    Massachusetts will start implementing the Open Document Format (ODF) in a handful of "early adopter" agencies by January 1, 2007, according to the state's CIO Louis Gutierrez.
  • Sun Throws A Tupperware Party For Java
    "Java Inside" as a marketing slogan? Something of the sort may be on its way from Sun Microsystems, which found in a survey 86 percent of consumers have heard of Java and 33 percent prefer products using the technology.