CRN Applications and OS News

  • Macromedia Breeze gets rechristened as Acrobat Connect

    Adobe Updates, Rebrands Collaboration Software
    Adobe Systems will rebrand the updated version of Macromedia Breeze under its Acrobat moniker and will ship it—along with a new Acrobat—in November.
  • Solution provider uses its skills to educate a customer about the ins and outs of a Linux environment

    Oracle Expertise Deals Deal
    When Bright Horizons Family Solutions wanted to beef up its intranet, it turned to Whitbread Technology Partners for its expertise in Oracle middleware implementations.
  • Product Review: AppWorx Enables Smoother Processing Of Business Apps
    Most of the processing of business applications running today are executed in an asynchronous non-realtime batch mode. To oversee those jobs, companies employ operators and depend on job schedulers and scripts to execute complex systems. However, scripting large jobs is very expensive as it requires scripting experts, developers and operators to determine the execution paths.
  • Sage Acquires Corum's Mobile CRM Arm
    Sage Software on Friday said it acquired the mobile division of Corum Corp., a Concord, Ontario-based business partner that specializes in CRM.
  • These solutions can help developers mitigate the vulnerabilities posed by Ajax-based Web applications

    Review: Ajax's Hidden Security Threat and How To Fix It
    The CRN Test Center looks at four solutions -- Cenzic's Hailstorm, the SPI Dynamics suite, Finjan's Vital Security Appliance and Apache's XAP -- that can help developers mitigate the vulnerabilities posed by Ajax-based Web applications.
  • Analysts' Take On Zune: Give It Some Time
    One thing's for sure: Microsoft is looking for new growth engines in consumer electronics, and the Zune portable media player is big part of that push. Still, catching up to Apple will not be easy.
  • Segways Recalled, Where's GPL 3?
    Twenty three thousand Segway scooters have been recalled. Apparently the damn things can bring world peace, save energy but they can't quite go in the right direction. There were six reports of problems with the so-called Personal Transporters unexpectedly reversing direction. The problem? A software glitch. So much for Mr. Smarty Pants Dean Kamen.
  • Browser Wars: The Saga Continues
    Ever since Netscape took on Mosaic in 1994, companies have been duking it out for domination in the browser marketplace. We relive the biggest and best of the great browser battles.
  • The World Wide Web: Past, Present And Future
    In just 15 years, the World Wide Web has gone through many iterations: document-sharing tool for researchers, key source of news and information, shopping mecca, multimedia playground, and an incredibly popular means of socializing and self-expression. How did the Web get so far so fast?
  • Windows Live Search targeted at home and business users

    Microsoft Launches Next-Gen Web Search Engine
    Microsoft Tuesday launches its much anticipated Windows Live Search as the next pillars of its next generation search platform, Vista, Office 2007, SharePoint 2007, readied for release in the coming months.
  • SAP Introduces Enterprise Search
    SAP on Tuesday unveiled a search application capable of delivering results pulled from across corporate business systems to either a browser-based or desktop user interface.