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  • ShadowRAM: August 14, 2006
    Apple CEO Steve Jobs was not his usual Cheshire cat self as he unveiled the company's new Xeon-based Mac Pro desktop and previewed the new Leopard OS at last week's Apple Developers conference.
  • Corporate Guardian Keeps Both Networks, Users Safe
    In George Orwell's "1984," Big Brother was always watching, and it wasn't a good thing. But today's businesses may need to take a page from Orwell's novel. Corporate Guardian 5 from SmoothWall aims to adopt the role of Big Brother for office Web surfers, monitoring and filtering Internet access.
  • System builders cite supply, interchangeable part issues

    Intel's Looking For A Whitebook Boost
    Intel is hoping increased supply from original design manufacturers will help jump-start its fledgling whitebook program.
  • Symantec Backup Exec Flaw Could Invite Data Theft
    Symantec on Friday published details of a vulnerability in its Backup Exec storage solution that could enable a remote attacker to gain full control over a machine and access confidential data stored on corporate networks.
  • Dell's Pain Is Often System Builders' Gain
    System builders are finding that Dell's services shortcomings are sending more customers their way. They say it is simply a lot easier competing against Dell today than a few years ago.
  • Linspire Releases 'Freespire' Desktop Linux OS
    Open source developer Linspire on Wednesday launched the Freespire 1.0 desktop Linux operating system, a free Debian-based OS combined with proprietary drivers, codecs and applications.
  • Review: Give The Windows GUI A Face-Lift
    Tired of that same old Microsoft Windows graphical user interface? Stardock aims to enable PC users to get the Windows GUI to look and work the way they want with its Object Desktop 2007 software.
  • Microsoft Dumps Virtual PC For Mac
    Microsoft said it's dropping any plans to update its Virtual PC virtualization software to enable it work on Apple's new Intel-based Macs.
  • Citrix To Acquire Orbital Data
    Citrix Systems said Monday it plans to acquire Orbital Data, a San Mateo, Calif.-based maker of software that optimizes application delivery over WANs.
  • Company exec insists license renewal policy changes will benefit partners

    Citrix Direct Move Ruffles VARs' Feathers
    Some partners are upset that Citrix Systems is taking its license renewal fulfillment business direct, even though the software vendor claims its new policies will benefit its channel.
  • No Slowdown In HDTV Sales, Says Sony
    Strong sales of high-definition TVs and other consumer electronics are projected to continue the second half of the year, according to an executive for Sony Electronics Inc.