CRN Applications and OS News

  • Browser Wars: The Saga Continues
    Ever since Netscape took on Mosaic in 1994, companies have been duking it out for domination in the browser marketplace. We relive the biggest and best of the great browser battles.
  • Windows Live Search targeted at home and business users

    Microsoft Launches Next-Gen Web Search Engine
    Microsoft Tuesday launches its much anticipated Windows Live Search as the next pillars of its next generation search platform, Vista, Office 2007, SharePoint 2007, readied for release in the coming months.
  • SAP Introduces Enterprise Search
    SAP on Tuesday unveiled a search application capable of delivering results pulled from across corporate business systems to either a browser-based or desktop user interface.
  • UPDATE: Apple To Sell Movie Downloads, Plans 'iTV' Device
    Driving deeper into the digital home space, Apple on Tuesday said it will begin selling movie downloads through its iTunes Music Store and is developing a device code-named iTV that can be used to watch movies on flat-screen televisions.
  • Microsoft Names New Head of MBS
    The search is over. Nearly one year since Doug Burgum announced his intention to step down from his post as senior vice president of Microsoft Business Solutions, the company named in-house veteran Satya Nadella to run the group.
  • Something To Sell
    This may seem obvious, but what solution providers need is something to sell. (Or "implement," if they're system integrators that profit more from services than product sales.) Enough with the branding, rebranding, positioning, marketing, alpha, beta, prebeta, technical refresh B.S.
  • Review: Top 5 Improvements In Vista RC1
    Windows Vista Release Candidate 1 addresses some key concerns about the operating system's earlier beta versions. Here are the top five improvements that the CRN Test Center found after testing Vista RC1.
  • CA Channel Chief Resigns
    CA channel chief Gary Quinn has resigned, according to a letter from the software vendor's COO that was obtained by CRN.
  • Review: Use Windows For Unix Services
    Want to run best-of-breed apps under both Windows and Unix? There's an option for doing this: Microsoft's Posix subsystem. It lets Unix apps think they are using regular Unix, but they are actually using Windows.
  • Firefox Gains Share, IE Loses
    Mozilla's Firefox gained half a percentage point in market share at the expense of Microsoft's Internet Explorer during August, continuing the steady climb of the open-source Web browser.
  • Top Vista executive Brain Valentine exits Microsoft after 19-year career for

    Partners Say Vista RC1 Close But Not Quite Ready
    As Microsoft makes Vista RC1 more broadly available to the channel and consumers this week, a handful of partners say the company's first release candidate is solid but still needs some work to fix performance and interoperability issues before it will be ready for prime time.
  • Vendor readies midmarket offering in hopes to give competitors run for their money

    Kace In Point: The KBox 1000
    When the latest midmarket desktop management offering from Kace Networks arrives in mid-September, solution providers will have a beefed-up alternative to rival products from vendors such as Altiris, LANDesk, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and others, said Sheila Baker, vice president of marketing at Kace.
  • Dual-Core CPU Buyer's Guide
    If you've been sitting on a fence about whether to go dual-core, dither no more. The prices of dual-core processors have come way down in the past year, and performance has jumped. Here's a guide to chip choices and specs, plus pointers to some bargains for both dual- and single-cores.
  • Advice To Linux: Kill The Penguin
    If Linux wants to be taken seriously by the business desktop market, it has to first take itself more seriously. What do I mean by that? Basically, kill the penguin and all of the marketing cuteness! The "crafty" names of some Linux applications simply come across as immature to the business world.