VoltDB: New Database Speeds Up Big Data Analysis

The new release, dubbed VoltDB 3.0, is being touted by its creators as the "world's fastest" high-velocity database, allowing IT teams to build new analytical applications for retrieving and analyzing massive volumes of data in realtime.

According to VoltDB, its next-generation 3.0 database reduces the time it takes for big data to be "ingested" by a database and then transformed into information a business manager can actually use from minutes to milliseconds.

"When we look at the analytic side of [big data], it's becoming more and more clear to us that velocity is really one of the components that is a cornerstone to this market. These really fast inbound [data] feeds are creating a volume ... that people are now doing a lot of analytics on," Scott Jarr, co-founder and chief strategy officer at VoltDB, told CRN. "And what we're finding in our customer base and in the market in general is that people are no longer satisfied with taking these feeds and letting them sit for some period of time and then later on doing analytics on them."

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Jarr said businesses instead are demanding faster analytics that allow them to make decisions in realtime, regardless of data volumes. "They want to continue to push that decision phase to the beginning of the process," he said. VoltDB 3.0 boasts a number of features VoltDB said makes it easier to build the kind of high-velocity applications needed to analyze big data. The release, for instance, includes expanded SQL compatibility for streamlined app development, along with export connectors that allow for integration with existing big data architectures, including IBM Netezza and HP Vertica.

VoltDB said it's increasingly turning to the channel as the big data phenomenon continues. The company launched a formal partner program in December and on-boarded 12 new solution providers in the last quarter, said Eric Sansonetti, vice president of business partnerships at VoltDB, and head of the program.

The multitiered program consists of OEMs, system integrators and authorized solution provider partners, which have the opportunity to resell full licenses of VoltDB products and services as part of a broader, integrated solution, Sansonetti said.

One of the biggest benefits to joining the program, he continued, is that it allows solution providers to differentiate themselves by selling a database technology targeted at the burgeoning big data trend.

"The best part about selling a disruptive technology, especially for the earlier partners, is that you have the ability to provide that differentiation in the marketplace," Sansonetti told CRN.

VoltDB is looking to bring on 30 to 50 new partners over the next year and will be introducing a new partner program specifically targeted at "early stage" solution providers that specialize in big data and other disruptive technologies.

"We are introducing a program later this year that makes it very easy for [solution providers] to choose Volt if we happen to be right for their use cases," Sansonetti said.