Amazon Vs. Pivotal: 5 Reasons Maritz Beats Bezos In Big Data Battle

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Paul Maritz, Jeff Bezos

The big data battle between Amazon and Pivotal officially gets underway this week when Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz formally launches the new EMC-VMware-backed Pivotal. The new venture represents a huge bet by EMC and VMware to usher in a new era of big data business applications and services.

Up until now, Amazon has dominated the Web services market. Here are five reasons why Pivotal and Pivotal CEO Paul Maritz are going to beat Amazon and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in the big data applications and services market.

No. 1: Pivotal Is Open - Amazon Is Closed

Maritz is building a company that is founded on the principle that the new era of big data applications and services should be cloud independent. Bezos has built a company built on the premise to lock in consumers and businesses at every turn. Try getting out of an Amazon cloud once you've built an application on top of Amazon's Web Service. It may not be impossible, but the cost and pain of breaking out of the Amazon cloud makes it prohibitive.

That's what you call cloud lock-in. Amazon uses proprietary Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). "We don't want to make it so when you write an app in Amazon you are condemned to pay Amazon a tax for all eternity," says Maritz. "So we think the industry has to evolve a layer that is open and cloud independent. That is what we are doing with Cloud Foundry which is open and open sourced."

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