Oracle Software To Support Microsoft Windows Azure, Hyper-V

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Microsoft has said that Windows Azure has grown to become a $1 billion business for the company, a point not lost on Oracle.

"Microsoft owns a huge share of the OS market -- Oracle owns a huge share of the commercial database market. If Oracle expects to hold on to that market share, they MUST run on EVERY popular OS platform -- period!" noted Rhos Dyke, executive vice president of Oracle partner Cloud Creek Systems, in a note to CRN.

"This really does solidify Microsoft as a cloud leader," said Liza Sisler, marketing director for Perficient's Microsoft national business unit, in an interview with CRN. St. Louis-based Perficient works with both Microsoft and Oracle, and the solution provider sees many customers with technology from both vendors. "It gives our customers more choices and options to embrace the cloud," she said.

Dyke said Microsoft's platforms are popular with hosted service providers. "I'd love to know how many off-site, remote hosting service providers pushed for Oracle to certify on these MS operating systems," he said.

Microsoft will offer fully licensed and supported Java in Windows Azure. That will help to make Java "a first-class language and design" environment in Azure," said Satya Nadella, president of Microsoft's server and tools business, also on the call.

"This will give Java developers increased flexibility and choice in where to deploy their Java applications, and the safety and security that comes from knowing that Java on Windows Azure is fully licensed and fully supported by Oracle."

Many Oracle customers already run Oracle software on Windows, Nadella said. "This is all about extending that to the cloud."

Oracle also will provide its distribution of Linux, with additional Oracle software, as pre-configured instances on Windows Azure.


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