Microsoft Bundles Yammer With Office 365, Recruits Partners For Enterprise Social Sales Blitz

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While many companies have deployed Yammer, getting people to use it has been challenging, Peter Walke, an enterprise social architect at Rightpoint, a Chicago-based systems integrator and Microsoft partner, told CRN.

Yammer has its own in-house consultants, called Customer Success Managers, who are tasked with driving Yammer usage in companies. But there aren’t enough of them, which is why getting partners involved will help, Walke said.

Grafham said the key thing about Yammer is that it's a collaboration tool that spans all of the departments within a company, not just sales teams.

"The methodology we talk about is going into organizations where there is an opportunity to get communications working differently within a department," Grafham said. "When you start talking to customers, you find pockets of people that are doing things differently."

Yammer has spread in similar fashion inside Microsoft, Grafham said. "We're finding that the Yammer team and people inside the Microsoft organization that understand social networking are connecting up to each other. Their behavior on the network is driving the others," Grafham said.

In June, Microsoft said its Yammer user base had grown by 55 percent to 8 million in the year since the acquisition closed. Yammer's sales of paid networks rose by 200 percent, Microsoft said, though it did not reveal an actual sales figure.



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