Top HP Partners Launch Haven Big Data Solutions

Six of Hewlett-Packard's top partners, including Avnet and Wipro Limited, have launched new solutions based on HP's Haven platform.

The new Haven offerings are among the first formal applications to be brought to market by 120 partners that have committed to shipping Haven solutions in what is shaping up to be a fast-moving big data solutions offensive from HP.

Among the new offerings launched at HP's Discover Conference in Barcelona Spain last week are a health-care analytics solution from distribution giant Avnet; a service analytics platform from India-based services giant Wipro; a threat intelligence solution from Accenture; a commercial risk assessment solution from Capgemini; an insider threat analysis solution from Deloitte; and an e-commerce predictive analytics solution from PwC.

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"What we are really excited about is the uptake we are seeing from our partner community with what we are calling Haven 2.0," said John Knightly, vice president market development for HP Software Marketing. "The proof of success is the building of apps on the platform. This is a juggernaut!"

HP is pressing for even wider adoption among independent software vendors (ISVs) with a new developer program that includes a dedicated website aimed at educating and recruiting developers.

The new solution offerings come with a Haven platform update that includes Vertica 7.0 with beefed up analytics capabilities and a Flex Zone fast-track offering that lets partners quickly load and analyze big data; version 10.5 of Autonomy's IDOL product; and ArcSight 6.5c.

A new HP ConvergedSystem 300 for Vertica is also going to kick up the Haven effort a notch, said Knightly. The new Vertica ConvergedSystem features what HP is calling 50 to 100 times performance and 70 percent lower costs per terabyte than legacy data warehouses.

The ConvergedSystem 300 for Vertica fundamentally changes big data economics in the midmarket, which HP partners predominately serve, said Knightly.

"This is going to let partners deploy solutions in days versus months," he said. "This makes it super easy for customers and partners [to get into the big data market]. The new ConvergedSystem and software makes it a happy holiday scenario for our channel. They have a lot of good stuff to sell and get working on."

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Avnet's Healthcare Analytics Platform, which uses Vertica and Hadoop, is tied directly to the Affordable Care Act, allowing doctors to provide better treatment aimed at avoiding patient readmissions, said Pat Stewart, vice president and general manager in charge of IT solutions for Avnet services.

Those patient readmission rates are a critical factor under the Affordable Care Act with hospitals rated and penalized for poor performance.

"Haven is a huge opportunity for Avnet and our partners to deliver solutions," said Stewart. "We are building a complete set of applications as a platform for better health care under the Affordable Care Act."

Avnet's first offering is an on-premise solution that taps into a wide variety of structured and unstructured data, said Stewart. He said the company plans to roll out a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering of the application in the future.

Key to the success of the Avnet health-care offering is the open foundation of Haven, allowing it to accept data from disparate hospital systems, said Stewart. "It was critical that we had an open solution," he said. "We can't go in and tell hospitals they have to throw out everything they have spent money on. Our value is the integration that we bring with Haven. We can quickly integrate all the current data sources with our Haven solution."

Wipro, for its part, has combined the Vertica, Autonomy and ArcSight foundation of Haven into a new services predictive analytics platform for manufacturers particularly in the computer, electronics and office markets.

The new Wipro platform is a game changer for manufacturers aiming to drive higher sales through improved services analytics, said K. R. Sanjiv, senior vice president and global head of the Analytics & Information Management business unit for Wipro.

The services analytics platform is focused squarely on driving "additional purchases" and improved customer retention, said Sanjiv. New machine-to-machine sensors in appliances and office products are allowing manufacturers to anticipate service issues and proactively prevent them, said Sanjiv.

In one case, Sanjiv said, Wipro has seen service level jump from just 65 percent to 97 percent using the new service analytics platform. "Repair becomes proactive rather than reactive," he said.

The new Wipro solution comes with more electronics manufacturers driving a larger percentage of revenue from services offering, said Sanjiv. "This is a good market for us and can be expanded into any kind of manufacturing warranty services," he said.