ERP Software Solutions Provider Infor Unveils 'Micro-Verticals' Partner Program

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ERP software solutions maker Infor has rolled out a new partner program that focuses on "micro-verticals" for current channel partners as well as prospective partners outside Infor ecosystem, the company announced this week.

The micro-vertical partner program will allow the New York-based company's partners to take care of their technology platform around Infor applications and extend it to the Infor customer community, said Gerard Frey, vice president of Infor partner networking programs.

"[Partners] will be able to take watch over their technology platform, further enhance our products, submit a blueprint approach and talk about the market to go after to help their business case," said Frey.

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Infor is currently looking at various micro-verticals, which are more focused on services needs in a specific industry. Micro-verticals can range from managing and billing for hospitality, for example, to expense management for oil and gas companies.

"It's limited by the partners imagination," said David Heffler, Infor's director of product management of Mongoose. "Now that they are given a better platform to develop in a consistent manner and don't have to deal with a hard-coding way of doing things."

Heffler said that the idea of having a new partner program came after he had received 1,000 customers over a 14-year period by using Infor Mongoose, the company's application development framework.

"I did it with one coder, one product manager and we were worldwide," said Heffler. "With that [experience], we need to make this the standard part of the program, and we want to open it to all partners to leverage the expertise and creativity."

According to Heffler, the new Infor partner program will be simpler for partners to use and will provide training, incentives and a single product manager to work with. The program will promote and get partners involved with more than just the core ERP products, said Heffler.

"[Other programs] were trying to serve too many masters, and with this new partner program, we're going to have one product manager and consult with the rest at a higher level," said Heffler.

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