5 Apps For New Year's Resolutions

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Keeping a New Year’s resolution is tough for just about everybody, so why not get a hand from your smartphone? CRN has tracked down five apps to help keep the most popular resolutions.

The Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker from MyFitnessPal is an easy-to-use app with a customizable database of more than 1.5 million foods and more than 350 exercises. Simply enter the food eaten and exercise done, and the app does the math. Likewise, Weight Watchers members can now take their program with them on their smartphones with the program’s mobile app. The app tracks points and helps find meetings, among other features.

Those looking to save money have a plethora of apps to choose from: We picked the LifeLock Wallet and Mint apps. LifeLock Wallet categorizes spending habits and automatically cancels credit cards if a wallet is lost. The Mint app securely connects to bank accounts and automatically tracks and categorizes spending transactions. Both apps are free.

Simply looking to minimize stress? Try the Simply Being app, which allows users to choose from 5- to 20-minute guided meditation sessions.

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