Best Software Launches Timeslips 2005

Marketed toward professional services firms and independent practitioners who need to track and bill for their services, Timeslips 2005 offers tight integration with Microsoft Outlook. A button embedded in Outlook features such as Tasks, Meetings, Appointments, and E-mail messages makes it easier to turn the time spent on those items into billable slips.

Additional Timeslips and Microsoft Outlook integration includes the ability to create e-mails, tasks, meetings and appointments from within Timeslips and synchronize contact information stored in Timeslips and Microsoft Outlook.

In addition, Timeslips 2005 has a number of improvements made to the core time tracking and billing functions, such as an entirely redesigned bill tool that provides access to design mode from the bill preview; the ability to enter time directly into the Time Sheet interface and fill in details, such as task and client, later on; and a back-dated A/R report that lists the accounts receivable balance of any client at any period in time.

Timeslips 2005 has an SRP of $399.99. The Timeslips 2005 Multi-user Value Pack has an SRP of $699.99 for up to five users.

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