IBM Snaps Up Management Software Venture

The vendor said Thursday it has acquired Cyanea Systems, an Oakland, Calif.-based maker of software that monitors and manages Web-based business application performance.

IBM was one of Cyanea's investors and most of Cyanea's products were sold through IBM. Terms of the deal were not disclosed because Cyanea was a privately held company.

Cyanea's technology improves the way IBM's Tivoli systems management platform performs with applications written in Java, CICS (Customer Information Control System) and IMS--IBM's transactional and hierarchical database management system for e-business applications. IBM will quickly integrate Cyanea's tools into Tivoli to realize such advantages, said Dave Caddis, director of Tivoli strategy, Armonk, N.Y.

Fortifying Tivoli with Cyanea's technology will be a significant step in creating a common lexicon between various parts of a Tivoli-managed network dealing with application problems related to Java, CICS and IMS, Caddis said.

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Enterprises that internally manage CICS but have Java applications being managed by an application group outside the data center will face less confusion when trying to pinpoint the source of a performance problem, he said.

"In many cases like this, a problem will come into the help desk and the next thing you know there are 11 people trying to figure out what part of the environment the problem is in--not even diagnosing the problem yet," Caddis said. "[Cyanea] will put this all in context for Tivoli."