E.piphany, SugarCRM To Launch CRM Suites At LinuxWorld

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SugarCRM, Inc. will formally unveil Sugar.Sales, while E.piphany Inc will announce that it is porting its existing E.6 suite to Linux.

Sugar.Sales is aimed primarily at small sales forces, supports up to 5,000 concurrent users, and is offered as a hosted as well as an in-house application. It includes modules for lead tracking, accounts and contacts, activity and task management, and opportunity tracking. It runs on Linux or Windows operating systems, on top of Apache or Windows IIS Web servers, uses the MySQL database, and the PHP language.

Sugar.Sales has been available for download since July 4. It is being distributed as open source software, or via a commercial license. SugarCRM is working on adding features for forecasting and data access permissions, and at readying the product for larger, multi-national sales forces.

The E.piphany E.6 suite is a suite of Java-based sales, customer service and marketing applications, and also uses XML, for integrating the software with existing IT assets. E.piphany will be porting the suite to Linux, aimed at the mid-to-large enterprise market. The company is also announcing a marketing partnership with Red Hat Inc., which will resell E.6 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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