Zultys Picks Up On Call-Center Needs

While basic automatic call-distributor (ACD) features are already included with Zultys' MX250 line of IP-PBXes, the new software license option adds higher-end features such as call queuing, customizable announcements, call recording, supervisory privileges, realtime statistics and detailed reports.

The new features include the ability to collect information such as account numbers via an automated attendant and tie it back to an external database. Businesses can tap the database information to give callers automated access to more information, such as account balances, and create priority queuing for their most important customers, said Iain Milnes, president of Zultys, Sunnyvale, Calif.

"For example, a reseller could customize the whole thing for a financial institution where a customer could enter an account number, the system uses that number to go to a database and read how much money is left in the account, and then asks if the caller wants to go into an agent queue," Milnes said.

By building the new features into its IP-PBX and enabling users to turn on licenses as needed, Zultys is giving SMBs the flexibility they need, said Neil Darling, partner at EtherSpeak Communications, a solution provider in Prince William, Va.

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"They don't necessarily want to add on additional products. They want it all integrated," Darling said.

Advanced ACD supports up to 60 calls in queue and up to 64 different queues serving different call centers. The new software also allows music or advertisements to be played to callers in queue and provides multiple options for callers to exit the queue, such as leaving a voice mail or a call-back number.

Slated for availability in September, licenses for Advanced ACD are priced at about $500 per seat.