Need Ammo In The Linux vs. Windows Slugfest?

latest opinion about the open source vs. commercial software debate. Now for another view. This report referenced off SlashDot finds that the total cost of ownership for Microsoft Windows is about one-half that for a "modern Fedora Core Linux-based" technology.

For you Apple bigots out there, I read on the Boing Boing site that Apple has reportedly filed for a European patent that could provide an inkling of what it's up to in the tablet computing market. As I type this on my trusty iBook, I'm salivating over that thought. Boing Boing got its original tip from this story on The Register out of the United Kingdom. (Gotta love the tagline, guys.)

Finally, I was intrigued by how many companies on this Entrepreneur</> magazine Fast Track ranking fell into the ranks of solution providers. Which got me to thinking: How many of you know that CRN publishes a similar list just for our solution provider readers, dubbed the Fast Growth ranking? Well, I'm collecting leads for that list, so if your company pumped up its sales revenue substantially between 2002 and 2003, you should e-mail me at [email protected] . Now. I mean it! We're publishing our first BIG list early in 2005. Meanwhile, a smaller list featuring you storage wizards out there is on the calendar for early November.

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