Borland Updates JBuilder, Joins Standards Group

According to Borland, JBuilder 2005 includes several new security and performance management features, including the ability to audit code for common errors and for compliance with best practices. JBuilder also provides tighter integration with the company's requirements management and configuration management tools, CaliberRM and StarTeam, as well as with a new Fortify Software security plug-in which can check code for potential software security flaws.

JBuilder 2005 also supports recent enterprise Java standards, including JavaServer Faces, Java Development Kit 5.0 and J2EE 1.4.

Borland said it will ship three versions of the software in September: a $3,500 Enterprise edition for J2EE and Web services development, along with a $499 Developer edition and a free "Foundation" edition for non-commercial use. In addition to Fortify Software, a number of other companies will offer plug-ins and software development kits for JBuilder 2005, including eBay, Business Objects and Sybase.

Borland also announced this week that it has been elected to Ecma International, an independent, nonprofit technology standards organization. Ecma supervises a number of high-profile IT standards, including the C# and C++ programming languages and the Microsoft .Net Framework. The announcement comes one month after Borland's decision to join the Java Tools Community, an organization of vendors intended to promote tool-friendly Java technology standards.

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