Avnet Adds New Modules To Health-Care Analytics Platform

Avnet's focus on the health-care IT arena continues as the Tempe, Ariz.-based distributor Monday introduced two new modules in its Healthcare Analytics Platform.

The new modules will allow Avnet's partners to bring a complete solution to their health-care clients, said Patrick Stewart, vice president of IT solutions for Avnet Services in the Americas.

"We've invested a significant amount of money [because] this is the next generation of health-care IT for our channel partners," said Stewart.

Avnet's Healthcare Analytics Platform, launched in December 2013, is built on Hewlett-Packard's Haven architecture.The platform allows health-care providers to combine systems from various health-care practices and specialties, he said.

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"We're building and adding onto a platform to allow information and analytics to be gathered from disparate systems that aren’t connected," said Stewart. "It's data from EMRs, from lab systems or radiology, and doctors can pull pieces of data they need to view, especially in cases of readmission."

By integrating data and business analytics, medicine becomes more personalized and patients ultimately will reap the benefits, said Stewart.

"Hospitals have data incorporated into their systems but they were never farmed and nurtured in the manner we're talking about," he said. "In Greene County, in Pittsburgh, there is a high incident rate of diabetes and lung cancer from coal mining. Now, we're going to be able to provide a doctor with relevant information with what's happening in the area to improve patient care."

Vince DeLuca, president of New York-based Logicalis, said the company is now developing solutions using Avnet's Healthcare Analytics Platform. The patient readmission and patient population modules will further establish Logicalis' credibility, said DeLuca.

"This is the very front of it, but I truly believe that over time information will be an asset for health-care provider customers," he said. "It gives us the ability to go beyond the infrastructure layer and have knowledge around applications that are more meaningful to provide customers with information and increase value for their patients."

Avnet will continue to rely on partner feedback and create dozens more modules for the health-care IT industry this year. In 2015 and on, the distributor will focus on leveraging modules for various verticals including retail, government and energy, said Stewart.

"Partners can look forward to Avnet pioneering health-care modules and modules in other industries because we believe big data analysis is a problem they have today," said Stewart. "They are overwhelmed with data in the market and we are here to help them with that."