Crossover Acquires Ruby Development Service Provider Engine Yard

Engine Yard, the Ruby on Rails cloud platform and support service provider, has been acquired by Crossover, an Austin, Texas-based company that assembles and manages teams of Ruby developers, the two companies said Tuesday.

The acquisition will make Crossover, which describes itself as a "cloud talent marketplace," a one-stop shop for organizations looking for development tools and talent for their Ruby application DevOps efforts, the companies said.

"Engine Yard has a decade of deep Ruby experience at the platform and support level and Crossover is the largest provider of Ruby developer cloud teams," said Andy Tryba, CEO of Crossover, in a statement. "By combining these two, we can now move up the stack and create a full stack Ruby on Rails experience to be a one-stop shop for the 1 million-plus Ruby applications out there."

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Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

Engine Yard, based in San Francisco, provides its Ruby on Rails Platform-as-a-Service tools running on Amazon Web Services. The company also offers tools for PHP and node.js application development and deployment.

Ruby is an open-source, object-oriented programming language that emphasizes simplicity and developer productivity, according to the www/ website. Ruby on Rails is a web application framework for building server-side applications using Ruby.

The acquisition comes just two weeks after Engine Yard sold Deis, a provider of tools for building and managing Kubernetes containers, to Microsoft.