CRN Exclusive: Erwin Hires Former Verizon Channels Exec Wendy Petty, Preps For Partner Offensive With GDPR On Horizon

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More importantly, Myriad Solutions' Matin said Erwin's go-to-market approach is almost entirely partner-based – one that prioritizes partners selling on the strength of their services and solutions expertise.

"You get some vendors just offering you a box solution," Matin told CRN. "The channel model at Erwin is phenomenal. When we sell software, we're selling solutions. Not just saying, 'OK, you need to buy one box of Erwin, we'll see you later.' You're supported. They help you in growing your business. That is unique. They make sure you have margins so you're happy to sell the product, as opposed to growing fast in the same market and you have three of four different partners with the same pricing, and there's no incentive for the partner to invest."

Matin has seen a clear uptick in data modeling demand among European clients. As the GDPR deadline approaches, he believes there's room for more growth as U.S.-based companies begin to look at software platforms like Erwin as a data governance solution.

Famularo thinks more partners will be eager to seize that opportunity, too.

The company has aggressively sought to grow its capabilities through acquisition, completing three deals over the last two years. Erwin closed its most recent purchase, Rome-based A&P Consulting, earlier this month. Famularo is hoping to build on that by doubling Erwin's partner base by the end of 2018.

Currently, the software developer supports between 50 and 100 solution providers, many of which go to market as IT consultants and systems integrators.

For IT providers that work with large enterprise customers, particularly those with an ERP background or ties to the regulation-heavy sectors like financial services and health care, Famularo said Erwin can "very easily cross-train" them in data governance skills. The vendor supports a professional services and pre-sales team that provides partner coaching, mentoring and guided software implementations.

"We are all deep channel enthusiasts," Famularo said. "We know and understand this space cold. It is our preferred route to market. It's how we know we can grow and really help partners build and develop new businesses."

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