Xerox Partner MidAmerica Technology Launches Game-Changing Personalized Sales Document App

Managed print services provider MidAmerica Technology has developed an app for Xerox's ConnectKey software platform that allows businesses to create customized sales brochures in four touches of the screen.

SellMe, unveiled by the Bloomington, Ind.-based Xerox partner earlier this month, lets users update sales and marketing collateral across their organization from a single location, said Patrick Leone, founder and CEO of MidAmerica. The documents can then be instantly printed across any connected Xerox AltaLink and VersaLink devices or emailed directly to customers through the app interface.

"For a marketing department, they would want to have control over the messaging and the brochures. The salespeople don't really have to worry about it. All of their information plugs in automatically," said MidAmerica CIO Glenn Leone.

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Patrick Leone demonstrated SellMe to a contingent of senior Xerox leadership last month and said the entire team came away highly impressed. The potential range of use cases is broad, he added, noting that midsize legal, health-care and real estate businesses would be particularly well-suited to take advantage of the app.

"At a big real estate chain, one person can be responsible of putting up all the different properties that are for sale," Patrick Leone said. "There's someone at a realty company that does that. Whoever that is, now with the tool they can update the properties from their PC and pull off the ones that sold, put new ones on the market, reduce prices if needed. They can push that out to every Xerox machine instantly in four touches of the screen. No computer required."

Any sales document or brochure template uploaded to SellMe is then stored and can be changed at a later date, he added, ensuring that information is up tov date.

MidAmerica's launch of SellMe comes on the heels of success around another customized app, SignMe, which was released in August and has enjoyed a "high degree" of early adoption. Patrick Leone said Xerox is in the beginning stages of training 4,000 sales reps to demo the app and conducting demonstrations at the print giant's solutions center on behalf of partners.

SignMe eliminates the need to print, fill out and then scan a document that requires a handwritten signature. Users can enter notes on the document once it is loaded as a print job and sign on the front panels of the Xerox machine, Glenn Leone said.

"The document is the exact look of the piece of paper that would've come out," Patrick Leone said. "The end user didn't do anything differently on their side. All they did was release their print job to a different print queue. They would select SignMe and the machine does the rest."

Patrick Leone said MidAmerica, which has another custom app in development, has hopes of releasing a "Me" Xerox app bundle that includes SignMe, SellMe and the app to be announced.