IBM Serves Up New Developer Resources For Open-Source Database

The new resources, which can be found on IBM's developerWorks Web site, include articles, technical advice, sample code and a free version of Cloudscape code for download, according to IBM. The new resources can be found at

Specifically, some of the new documentation for Cloudscape now available includes a technical overview of the database that describes how it easily can be embedded in Java applications because of its small footprint, according to IBM. Other new resources include a "cookbook" providing step-by-step instructions for how to integrate Cloudscape in the Apache Tomcat reference servlet container and a collection of frequently asked questions and answers about Cloudscape.

IBM donated a copy of the Cloudscape relational database to the Apache Software Foundation in early August under a project code-named Derby.

The code was contributed under the ASF corporate contributor license grant. The Apache Incubator is managing the effort, inspecting code to make sure it meets standards for licensing and integrity. The group will also set up and manage community development.

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The source code for Derby is available on the Apache Incubator Web site at IBM also released binary code for Cloudscape on its Web site when it donated the database to Apache. To date, there have been more than 5,000 downloads of that binary code, according to IBM.