Active Reasoning Launches Partner Program

The enterprise data center management software vendor this week launched the Active Solutions Partner Program, a program that delivers Active Reasoning marketing materials, product and sales training, and account leads to qualified resellers and integrators, according to the Palo Alto, Calif.-based vendor.

Drew Sellers, president of SSG Consulting, a charter Active Reasoning partner in Cleveland, said the fledgling partner program has already proved effective at increasing the number of customers interested in considering Active Reasoning's change management and compliance products. But he said it was too early to judge the program's effect on SSG's bottom line.

"Our pipeline has increased threefold in 90 days, but [it's] too early to predict revenue," Sellers said.

Still, Sellers said he would be an Active Reasoning reseller even without the new partner program in place because the enterprise market that SSG caters to is hungry for data center management solutions such as Active Reasoning's.

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"We've been involved with [Active Reasoning] for about six months. And before that, we couldn't find a good solution. Customers we met with were addressing server management with a combination of home-grown scripts and prayer," he said.

Active Reasoning's products detect and report changes such as file, user and process activity, profile those changes, and then allow administrators to apply and enforce policies that can control who makes changes and when.

Complete details of the new Active Reasoning partner program can be found at the vendor's Web site.