Millions Of Workers Use IM, But Give It Mixed Reviews

According to the Pew Internet and America Life Project, 11 million, or about 21 percent of all IM users, fire up the software in the workplace. More of that number use America Online or AOL instant messaging technology -- either the proprietary IM client embedded in AOL software or the stand-alone AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)-- than any other. Yahoo's client comes in second, with Microsoft's a close third.

But at-work IMing isn't all golden. Although 40 percent believe that IM has fostered teamwork, 32 percent see it as encouraging office gossip and 9 percent find it distracting. A small number (5 percent) go even further, and say that IM adds another layer of stress to the workplace.

"There's no doubt that IM use will intensify," said Amanda Lenhart, research specialist at Pew and co-author of the survey, in a statement. "Younger Americans, in particular, have incorporated IM into their lives...IM use at home and in the workplace will grow as these creative and time-saving uses of the technology percolate through the generations."

In late August, America Online released its own research into the IM phenomenon, showing that IM usage among business users is growing.

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