Oracle Woos ISVs Eyeing ASP Business

Available now, the new Oracle On Demand for ISVs comprises On Demand versions of Oracle's collaboration suite, database, application server--products that were built on Oracle 10g. It also includes access to Oracle's hosting infrastructure, 24x7 support and database experts based in Oracle's Austin, Texas-based data center, as well as training and advice on how to build software-as-service applications and structure a business around a recurring revenue model.

Under the program, Oracle will handle all infrastructure management, leaving ISVs to focus on upgrading and providing customer support for their applications.

"The ISV program is a perfect fit for companies like ours," said Bjorn Espenes, president and CEO of Infopia, Salt Lake City, which offers hosted e-commerce software. "Having the ability to run on an Oracle infrastructure gives us good visibility into the bottlenecks as we add customers, workloads and transaction. With that information, Oracle forecasts what parts of the system need to be tuned. It's beautiful to not have to worry about data center issues. It's not our forte."

Paige O'Neill, senior director of On Demand for the Redwood Shores, Calif., company, said Oracle is already working with "a handful" of ISVs in its newly announced program. "This is the next evolution of our business," said O'Neill. "We've had On Demand in place for four years now, and offering something for the ISV community was a natural next step as a way to give incremental revenue to ISVs and give us more On Demand customers. This program helps us to expand our business and our partnerships."

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ISVs that sign on to the program will pay $2,000 per processor, per month for Oracle Database On Demand, $1,000 per processor, a month for Oracle Application Server On Demand and $10 per user, per month for Oracle Collaboration Suite On Demand.