Gordano Rolls Out New Version Of Messaging Suite

The major new feature of Version 10.03 is that it includes Version 4 of the GMS Instant Messenger. The native Windows IM client supplements the original Java-based IM client. Perhaps more importantly the new product integrates Gordano Instant Messaging into Microsoft Outlook. The new IM client also includes many features users of commercial instant messaging systems have come to expect, but adds the security of SSL encryption for all server traffic.

Gordano has designed the Outlook interface to its instant messaging system to provide more than just a better user experience. "When the user sends an instant message to a user it is fully archived right along with the e-mail traffic," said Gordano sales director Lisa Kirman, "and we do full content checking which makes for a good policy compliance solution at the same time."

The user sees not only the e-mail messages, but presence information to indicate if the sender is available to receive an instant message. In addition, the sender registers preferred alternative message destinations, such as SMS, to which the user can send a response. The response can also be e-mail, of course.

GMS Collaboration allows Outlook users to share their folders while GMS WebMail allows users to access their Outlook Calendars and Contacts when away from the office. "Our job is to keep the Outlook experience the same as it is when users are attached to Exchange," said technical directory John Stanners. The same calendars may also be accessed using standard calendaring clients such as Mozilla Calendar and Apple iCal.

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GMS is compatible with Windows (NT, XP, 2000, 2003), Linux (Redhat, Suse, Mandrake, Debian, etc), Solaris and AIX. For more information, visit www.gordano.com.