Application Development

  • SOA Building Blocks
    As many major software vendors adopt an SOA strategy, separating the hype from reality is part of the challenge.
  • EclipseCon Dealmaking: Aptana Takes Control of RadRails
    The sometimes dramatic effects of bringing a pool of open-source developers together in one place were illustrated Wednesday at EclipseCon, when two popular, open-source developer tools projects -- Web applications Aptana and Ruby on Rails IDE RadRails -- announced their union.
  • 'Dilbert' Creator, Open-Source Maverick Address EclipseCon
    "Dilbert" creator Scott Adams took the stage at EclipseCon to describe some of the high points and pitfalls along "my strange odyssey from cubicles to cartoonist," while veteran software architect Robert "r0ml" Lefkowitz delivered a keynote that threw a few firebombs at the open-source software field.
  • Countdown To Katmai
    Details about Katmai, the next rev of SQL Server, have been as scarce as hen's teeth. But, database fans should start hearing more soon, a Microsoft exec said
  • Microsoft Ships Final Visual Studio 2005 SDK Update
    Microsoft released a new version of its Visual Studio 2005 Software Development Kit this week, the last planned SDK update for Visual Studio 2005 as the development team ships its focus to the next version of Visual Studio, code-named Orcas.
  • Apple, Adobe Fix Photoshop 'Tiger Pause' With Leopard
    For more than a year, Apple executives have been telling the market that sales of Intel-based Macintosh systems have not met full potential largely because power users continue to wait on the new Creative Suite from Adobe. Behind the scenes, it appears that progress is being made by both Adobe and Apple to fix performance barriers.
  • New GPL 3 Draft Imminent, Yet Final Release Delayed
    A new draft of the upcoming GNU General Public License Version 3 (GPL 3) will be released shortly, participants in the drafting process say, but a final release is likely to slip past the March 2007 deadline that the GPL's maintainer, the Free Software Foundation (FSF), initially set as the "latest possible release date."
  • Review: .Net Testing Made Simple
    Symphoniq's TrueView, a .Net and J2EE diagnostic tool for Web applications, can proactively manage real user throughput by carefully monitoring live application sessions.
  • SOA: The Business Behind The Hype
    SOA has been a hot topic for years, but it's also a maddeningly elusive one. For solution providers looking to build a practice in the field, separating hype from reality is part of the challenge.
  • CodeGear Readies Delphi For PHP
    CodeGear, Borland's development tools subsidiary, on Tuesday unveiled Delphi for PHP, a move that extends the venerable IDE line to cover one of the most popular Web development languages.
  • Pilot Boards SAP
    SAP is buying Pilot Software, an old-school Executive Information System (EIS) vendor.
  • Lifeboat's Ship About To Sail?
    Specialty distributor Lifeboat is in its element when it's dealing with upstart companies in security or virtualization.