Application Development

  • ShadowRAM: December 18, 2006
    Poor Jim Allchin just can't win. An old e-mail he sent to Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, uncovered in legal discovery, lauds the Mac over Windows. Steve Jobs must be laughing his keister off. It's clear Allchinwho wrote that if he didn't work for Microsoft, he'd buy a Macwas trying to light a match under his troops. Still, ouch!
  • The Sox Fans Of Tech
    This continuing Red Sox saga is the sports equivalent of the blogosphere's/geek's obsession with every alpha, CTP, pre-beta, beta, release candidate, RTM of Microsoft's products. Only more fun.
  • CRN Interview: Bill Gates, Microsoft
    Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates sat down with CRN Industry Editor Barbara Darrow and CRN Senior Writer Paula Rooney last Tuesday after his PDC keynote. Following are excerpts from the interiew: