CRN Applications and OS News

  • Review: Diamond's Graphics Upgrade
    Diamond Multimedia is looking to help system builders double their monitor sales with the BizView BV200 Multi-View graphics adaptor. The BV200 is an ATI-powered graphics card designed to drive dual monitors. The card plugs into a PCI card slot and comes with a Dual DVI-Out cable.
  • Two Lenovo ThinkPads To Support Novell SLED 10
    Lenovo will offer two new high-end models of its ThinkPad notebooks that will provide support for Novell's new SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, but the vendor is stopping short of preloading the operating system.
  • State CIO says progress has been made on access to the disabled, rollout to start January 1, 2007.

    Massachusetts Forges Ahead With ODF Implementations
    Massachusetts will start implementing the Open Document Format (ODF) in a handful of "early adopter" agencies by January 1, 2007, according to the state's CIO Louis Gutierrez.
  • Sun Throws A Tupperware Party For Java
    "Java Inside" as a marketing slogan? Something of the sort may be on its way from Sun Microsystems, which found in a survey 86 percent of consumers have heard of Java and 33 percent prefer products using the technology.
  • Review: The Best Ajax-Based Apps
    We've scoured the Internet for the best Ajax-based applications in six categories to see how they stack up against Google's online offerings. Find out the winners, challengers and runners-up.
  • Real Battle Royale In Apps Market
    In the applications arena, big changes in terms of platforms, software delivery and packaging, and the market's key players are under way. Take a look at these five hot-button issues in the software space.
  • Integrator Goes Back To School With Linux Desktops
    Integrator Hargadon Computer is offering a solution for schools called Technology Rescue in which old PCs--usually running Windows 98 or 95--are connected as thin clients to a server running the Fedora K12LTSP Linux platform.
  • Sony Unveils PC/TV Combo
    The Vaio LS1 includes a 19-inch LCD screen with computing components tucked behind the flat panel.
  • Report: LCD TV Sales Jump
    Although news has abounded about a weak display market, the LCD TV sector has held its own, with unit shipments rising 135 percent year-over-year and 28 percent quarter-to-quarter to 9.4 million units during the second quarter, according to DisplaySearch Inc.
  • Microsoft Offers To Help Firefox Run On Vista
    The head of Microsoft's open source software lab has extended a helping hand to Mozilla Corp. if it's interested in making sure the Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client run under Windows Vista.
  • Addressing channel conflict, All Partner Territories hit the scene

    Oracle's New Partner Path
    In its latest attempt to navigate the tricky waters of direct and indirect sales models, Oracle is experimenting with new All Partner Territories.
  • Linux Education Gap?
    The rules of good panel etiquette get kind of twisted at places like LinuxWorld, where audience members don't so much raise questions as share, ahem, points of view. But actually, that's a good thing.
  • System Builder M&As Are On The Rise
    Some describe it as a general maturation process, others point to a slowing desktop sales business, and a few point to the general ebb and flow of the business. However you describe it, the system builder channel is being reshaped by massive merger and acquisition activity.
  • ShadowRAM: August 21, 2006
    Those who had an APB out for the FakeSteveJobs diary can relax. He's backor at least we think he's backat Some think the new fake Steve is not the old fake Steve, but I'm pretty convinced this is the same guy. Favorite headline: "Jesus Didn't Go To College Either."