Open Source

  • Red Hat Launches J2EE-Compliant AppServer
    Red Hat announced availability of its J2EE-compatible application server based on ObjectWeb's Jonas open-source project. Meanwhile, Red Hat plans to tap into its OEM partners' own channel programs such as IBM's Linux Elite to atract and qualify high-end Linux ISVs, regional system integrators and VARs to service the company's software stack. Still, Red Hat's channel plans remain stalled.
  • TechWatch: Software
    Sometimes those ephemeral bytes that comprise computer code come together to create programs that actually solve problems.
  • When Comparing Platforms, Don't Forget The Intangibles
    While most open-source applications are available as a free download, many solution providers choose to purchase commercial versions of open-source products for access to support, media and documentation. For the CRN Test Center's open-source example, both free downloads and commercial open-source products were considered, which in turn created a price range on the open-source-based solution.
  • Value Judgment
    The ongoing open-source vs. commercial software debate has fervent partisans on both sides. Each tries hard to woo the uncommitted to its camp, citing the value of its approach and products. And, like swing voters in the battleground states of the current presidential election, solution providers often find themselves at the center of all this activity.
  • SCO Lawsuit Against DaimlerChrysler Is Thrown Out
    A Michigan court Wednesday dismissed most of SCO Group's lawsuit against DaimlerChrysler Corp., which had accused the German automobile maker of breaking terms of its Unix System V licensing contract.
  • U.S. Votes For Open Source
    VARs wondering just how ready the federal government is to embrace Linux and its open-source cousins don't have to wonder anymore.
  • IBM Rational Suite To Support Open-Source Hyades Framework
    IBM is standardizing its Rational suite of software quality assurance, monitoring and testing tools on the open-source Hyades framework"a move some observers see as proof that IBM is determined to set the standards to which all developer tools are built.
  • JBoss Inc. To Show Java Industry Solidarity At JavaOne
    JBoss Inc. will show signs of collaborating with Java industry peers at JavaOne 2004, the first time the open-source firm is exhibiting at the event. Yet outspoken CEO Marc Fleury shows no signs of losing his edge and has even bigger and better things planned for the company.