Operating systems

  • Music And Video On Server 2008
    The launch of Windows Server 2008 triggers VARs' imaginations for new ways they can utilize the operating system's virtualization capabilities for their customers, especially when you consider Hyper-V.
  • Partners: Microsoft Still Trailing In Virtualization
    Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualization hypervisor took an important step forward this week with the unveiling of a 'feature-complete' release candidate, but some partners are puzzled by its lack of certain features.
  • Amazon: Microsoft To Release Vista SP1 This Week
    The long running specualtion over Windows Vista service pack 1's release could soon be drawing to a close, with Amazon listing Vista SP1 as available for download starting Tuesday, March 19.
  • Android Dream
    Google Inc.'s purchase of mobile phone platform Android was more for the talent than for the mobility SDK that uses its name. With plenty of competition from small startups, open source projects from Nokia Inc., Intel Corp. and a plethora of APIs for just about every phone on the market, Google has its work cut out to gain search or any application dominance on the mobility space.
  • Will SP1 Boost Vista?
    I fully expected that Windows Vista Service Pack 1 would fix most of the problems, end the complaints and get businesses moving from Windows XP to Windows Vista. Not so fast.