Operating systems

  • Jobs Unveils Mac OS Upgrade
    "It's going to drive the copycats crazy," Apple CEO Steve Jobs said of the Tiger OS software, which he promised for next year.
  • Apple Readies Search Technology For Macs
    CEO Steve Jobs says the technology, called Spotlight, will be part of next year's Mac OS X upgrade and will let users easily search the contents of their computers.
  • ISV AutoProf Enhances Windows Patch Management
    AutoProf has launched combined patch management and Group Policy extensions to enable Windows server administrators to target Service Packs, bug fixes and updates of groups of users.
  • Microsoft, Fujitsu Expand Alliance On 64-bit Windows Servers, Services
    Longtime partners Microsoft and Fujitsu expand their global alliance to push new fleet of Windows-based Itanium servers, Windows Server System and .NET technologies into the marketplace. As part of the deal, the companies will jointly develop high-end server systems, including those for Windows Server 2003 and the next generation "Longhorn" server. The two will also create migration tools, make their management platforms interoperable and create a mission criticial customer support center in Redmond, Wash. for joint customers.
  • Microsoft Launches CE 5.0, OEM License
    Microsoft this week is expected to take a competitive stab at embedded Linux by announcing that it will offer a commercial derivative license for its upcoming operating system, CE 5.0.
  • Wind River CEO Gets Channel Religion
    This week, Wind River will roll out a cross-platform development environment that runs on top of Linux and its own VxWorks operating system. In an interview with Editor-in-Chief Michael Vizard, Wind River CEO Ken Klein explains the critical role the channel will play in helping Wind River drive the next generation of intelligent embedded systems.
  • Microsoft Has New Take On Virtualization
    Microsoft promises to ease server application migration and simplify test environments with the forthcoming release of Virtual Server 2005, an application that virtualizes the Windows 2003 Server operating system. Virtual Server 2005 allows administrators to concurrently run multiple operating systems or multiple instances of Windows 2003 Server.
  • Bizarro World
    Has anyone else noticed how software companies want to have it both ways?
  • Microsoft Announces Windows XP SP2 Release Candidate 2
    Microsoft announced another development milestone as it tries to get the long-awaited Windows XP Service Pack 2 in the hands of partners and csutomers in the third quarter. On Monday, the software giant made available Release Candidate 2 of the security-focused Windows update.